Lifting specialists from 1968...


Carpmetal S.r.l. was founded in 1968 as “Calabria Ovidio S.n.c.” from an idea of Mr. Calabria. It began his steelwork activity by producing gates, railings, garages, blacksmith works and assemblies on site.

In 1974 it made its entry into the lifting sector, being interested in the installation of overhead cranes (later in the construction of runways). On 29th January 1975 first Calabria Ovidio S.n.c overhead crane was finally realized.

In 1978 the company opened new horizons: “Carpmetal di Calabria Ovidio S.n.c” was born, exclusively working in the construction and installation of overhead cranes. In the 1980 it moved to a bigger production area in Adro (Brescia), which is the headquarter of Carpmetal even today.

In 1982 Carpmetal further expands its production department acquiring the company OTI, specialized in the manufacture of cranes. In 1990 the company evolves until becoming offically ”Carpmetal S.r.l. ”.. At the same year also the “Calabria S.r.l.” was born, mainly engaged in mechanical works with machine tools, lathes and machining centres and metal structures in general.

Since then, Carpmetal offers its customers products of the highest quality completely designed and built in Italy. Furthermore, it provides services of transport, assembly, maintenance and repair.

Carpmetal builds double-beams overhead cranes, single-beam overhead cranes, gantry cranes, lame gantry cranes, jib cranes, walking cranes, etc. It also offers kits for bridge cranes (end carriages, electrical systems, hoist trolleys, etc.).

In July 2015 the new company 4C Metal Service s.a.s. of Calabria Gianmario and C. was born. The company specializes in the maintenance of bridge cranes, in addition to the plasma cutting and carpentry department.

In short our goals:

In May 1988 Carpmetal released the bridge crane number 1000.
In April 1996 the number 2000 and in 2003 the crane number 3000.
On 22nd September 2016 the overhead crane number 4000 was proudly realised.

This shows the longevity and the long-standing experience of this company.


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