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Our assistance service is performed by qualified and prepared teams, equipped with the necessary lifting and transport means. Our technicians ensure the correct functioning of the system through ordinary and extraordinary interventions. They will find a solution to every possible electrical or mechanical failure. Our assistance team is at Your disposal also for urgencies downtime, spare parts and scheduled maintenance.

Periodic maintenance

Based on the Legislative Decree 81/08 “ Unique text on labor safety ”, every overhead crane must be subjected to quartely - annual preventive controls (a general control and a rope’s control). Our technicians will control all the mechanical and electrical parts. At the end of each check, the technicians will release a datasheet for every single crane verified, containing the description of the operations done and any abnormalities or failures found.


Have you got an emergency? Contact us and we will intervene in 12/24 h

Transport and assembly

Transport and assembly of our products is performed by external companies, our collaborators  for years. Specialized teams, composed of fitters, electricians and crane operators, vehicles and special equipment (trucks, cranes and platforms), ensure that transfer and installation of each system will be effectuated in short time , as a rule of art and in all security.

In case of factory’s relocation, we organize the disassembly, the transport and the assembly in the new location, included possible modifications in our factory.

Spare parts

are part of our multi-brand spare parts warehouse.
Our factory also produces special and customized parts.

Ricertifications and residual life

As a result of the current safety rules and technical regulations, all lifting equipment which have already passed through a period of use of more than 10 years,

  • must be submitted to a technical control as shown below:
    • control of the metal components welded together, such as main beams, joint between the beams and the end heads, lateral heads, crossbeams trolleys to support the lifting assemblies, pulleys, profiles hooks;
    •  control of mechanical parts related to drum winder rope, pins, trolley’s wheels and beam crane hook support.
  • Collaborating with engineers and specialized teams, carpmetal s.r.l offers the following services:
    • report residual life cycles;
    • non-destructive control in MT (check of welding);
    • recertification lifting systems.

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